Specialises in Intuitive Life Cycle Yoga

for all phases of the Birthing Journey:

  • Preconceptual
  • Prenatal/antenatal pregnancy
  • Postnatal
  • Mums & Bubs
  • and

for other Life Journeys:

  • Self
  • Others (carers)
  • Horse Lovers (all encompassing)
  • Recovering (trauma)
  • Accepting (aging)
  • Letting be (passing)


Classes are held in the Northern Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

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We are born yogis/yoginis. To see this for yourself observe a very young child or animal at play for a few moments whilst they are unaware of you.

Many women are first attracted to yoga when pregnant - a deep instinctive knowing guides them to yoga.

Other people are drawn to it at different phases of their life cycles. Sometimes this may be to enhance relationships with non-humans.

The philosophy of All Around You Yoga is to nurture all, including self, mothers, carers and horse lovers thus allowing them to become empowered physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Class size is limited:

Small intimate venues have been deliberately selected so that those who attend can receive individualised attention.

Gift vouchers are available for all classes.